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Assignment: Find a company's unique voice by writing their manifesto.

Campaign: Hohner 

Hohner Brand  Manifesto

Music isn’t just a way of life for us, it is us. It’s the contents of our soul. The story of you, past, present, future. It can convey raw, complex emotions with only a few notes and has the power to transport you to such a specific time and place that it leaves you reeling with the familiarity of it all. We are Hohner harmonica and we consider this our specialty. We take you back to your roots, back to the beginning when your soul was still being shaped and formed by the sticky humidity of a back porch, the mournful notes played on your grandfather’s harp, the crisp smell of rain on the air. We carry you through life just as you carry us, rising and falling together, reaching crescendo, and finally fading out to thunderous applause. Music is our story. Our soul. Our truth.  Hohner Harmonica, carry your tune.

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